A Sadaqa-Funded Islamic CDD

This Ramadhan we seek transformation of a tiny impoverished village in India through a sadaqa-funded Islamic Community-Driven-Development initiative. This is an initiative in one of the poorest parts of the planet. Village Satakanya is located in the state of Odisha in India.

Click Here for a Socioeconomic Profile of Satakanya Village

Target: Transformation of the entire population of mustahiq (zakat recepients) in the village into muzakki (zakat givers) over a time span of three years.

The intervention based on a Problem-Tree-Analysis (Click here to download) which follows from the Socioeconomic-Profile of the village involves setting up:

a. an English-medium school for primary years -cum- remedial center for dropouts;
b. a Livelihood Skills Center for men and women;
c. an Islamic Microfinance Pilot;
d. Water and Sanitation Drive with construction of toilets and water-supply facility; and
e. Multiple awareness campaigns.

For a justification and overview of the mapping of proposed intervention, click here.

The implementation of the project is being taken up by a team using the most effective project management tools and has a time frame of one year from June 25, 2017 (1 Shawwal 1438H).

We will monitor the project closely and place before you an evaluation report on the progress, economic and social impact of the project every six months, in sha Allah.

Shariah accountability: Though all beneficiaries come from poor and marginalized sections of the society, adequate care will be taken to ensure that funds collected through zakat flow into the hands of eligible beneficiaries. The project assets funded by zakat will be transferred into the ownership of the poor. We are also accepting your non-halal income, e.g. bank interest which will be utilized for specific project components in consultation with Shariah experts.

Budget: The estimated cost of the project is INR 25 lakhs (USD 40,000 approx.) A detailed break-up of costs is available to our donors upon request.

Interested to support this exciting and benevolent initiative? Get in touch with us today. Drop a line at contactus@ibf4d.com


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