IBF Net is Back

Dear All

IBF Net is back. Its online academy – the International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance (IIIBF.Com) – is all set to launch an array of professional certification courses in a virtual as well as blended format in the fields of zakat management, waqf management, Islamic microfinance, Islamic banking, takaful, Islamic investments (sukuk and capital markets) and halal business analysis.

IIIBF plans to launch its maiden program – Certified Amil Zakat (CeAZ) on September 15, 2017 with other programs in quick succession, in-sha-Allah. You may register for the program(s) at http://www.iiibf.com/register

IBF Net, which was set up as a dot-com company in the year 1999, owns the online community – the Islamic Business and Finance Network – hosts its discussion forum on yahoo-groups. The group currently has over 5700 members. The forum is once again expected to witness large-scale participation and exchange of views and information. You may like to join this community at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ibfnet/info. If you are already a member, please add this to your address book in order to avoid the posts finding their way into the bulk/ spam folder.

IBF Net is hosting two nodes – dedicated sites – for research, dialogue as well as testing of new product ideas that should be of interest to you.

One, Sadaqa.Fund (http://sadaqa.fund) is a natural extension of pioneering academic and research efforts by people associated with the IIIBF in the fields of Islamic social finance and digital finance. Its blogs have been widely read. Three certification programs are currently on offer in related areas. IIIBF also plans to host as part of its action research agenda, a few P2P crowdfunding platforms.

Two, Halal-Exchange (http://halal.exchange) is an initiative to support and strengthen the halal business sector and the Islamic economy through capacity building and human resource development. It aims to achieve the same through cutting-edge research and dialogue with stakeholders and professional certification in the field of halal business.

If you are a researcher or blogger interested in any of the above areas, IBF Net invites you to join its panel of authors and contribute to creation of knowledge. If not, you may help the cause simply by sharing this message in your network.

Best wishes

Mohammed Alim
Ph: +60 172097798
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

N.B. The sadaqa blogs site is being merged with Sadaqa.Fund

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